An integrative, holistic approach to mental health and wellness rooted in Buddhist Psychology

A calm and quiet practice located in Castle Rock, Colorado.


Hi! My name is Rachel Gordon.

Combining Buddhist philosophy, including techniques such as mindfulness, yoga and meditation, with traditional counseling (“talk therapy”), I help clients learn how to quiet the mind, become present in their lives and awaken to the deep sense of inner peace, calm and stillness inherent in, and always available to, each and every one of us.

I offer:

- Individual Counseling

- Couples Counseling

- Group Counseling

- Yoga Therapy

- Meditation Coaching


All that we are is the result of what we have thought.


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Anxiety Counseling for Adults & Teens


Stress Counseling for Adults & Teens


Depression Counseling for Adults & Teens


When we surrender and detach from ego, we can find our inner peace, or what Buddhists call “awareness” or “presence”. 

It is our essence, our light, our inherent basic goodness.

It’s the place within all of us that is always calm and still, a space of silence. 




Live from the space within you that is Light and Love, Wisdom and Truth and basic goodness. Love who you are. And know that you were born enough.

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