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Hi! My name is Rachel Gordon.

Combining Buddhist philosophy, including techniques such as mindfulness, yoga and meditation, with traditional counseling (“talk therapy”), I help clients learn how to quiet the mind, become present in their lives and awaken to the deep sense of inner peace, calm and stillness inherent in, and always available to, each and every one of us.

As a registered psychotherapist and licensed professional counselor (LPC) candidate, Rachel Gordon, MA, MEd, is deeply interested in helping others achieve a joyful, fulfilling life. At Humble Warrior Therapy in Castle Rock, Colorado, Rachel combines Buddhist philosophies with traditional counseling to help clients find the deepest sense of inner peace. Her Buddhist psychology approach uses integrative, holistic techniques to address mental health issues and promote total body wellness.
Rachel has lived around the world, including in the cities of Boston, Denver, Tel Aviv, Israel, and Brussels, Belgium. She also spent a summer living in a rural village in Kenya, South Africa. Before becoming a therapist, she worked at a Palestinian-Israeli non-government organization (NGO) to help with peacebuilding.

Rachel earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, and then completed a master’s degree at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and then a second master’s degree from the University of Denver. She is currently pursuing her PhD at the University of Colorado in Denver.
At Humble Warrior Therapy, Rachel specializes in a variety of mental and psychological health issues, including stress, depression, and anxiety for both teens and adults. She uses mindfulness practices, including yoga and meditation as well as traditional talk therapy to help clients quiet their minds and become more present in their lives. Rachel offers individual and couples counseling, group therapy, and yoga and meditation coaching that all focus on finding peace and total wellness. She also provides the convenience of telemedicine services for consultations via phone and video technology.
When not working with her clients, Rachel indulges in snuggles with her dog, Mowgli, and her guilty pleasures of watching reality television and eating sour gummies. Her passion for yoga began at age 16, and she’s often found sitting in a cross-legged position, comfortably relaxed in her favorite yoga pants. She stays physically active and mentally clear through daily yoga and meditation, snowboarding, hiking, and painting. Rachel is also fluent in four languages, including English, French, Arabic, and Hebrew.

I offer:

- Individual Counseling

- Couples Counseling

- Group Counseling

- Yoga Therapy

- Meditation Coaching

- Anxiety Counseling

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A Light-Filled Message for everyone who feels Broken Down & Worthless by Rachel Gordon

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All that we are is the result of what we have thought.





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When we surrender and detach from ego, we can find our inner peace, or what Buddhists call “awareness” or “presence”.

It is our essence, our light, our inherent basic goodness.

It’s the place within all of us that is always calm and still, a space of silence.


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Where Do You Find God?

Where is your Truth, the sense of deep peace and inner stillness that lets you feel your gentle exhaling heart?


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Jun 18, 2019

“This is the exception, this therapist is amazing, brilliant and so kind, have made more progress in the past few months than in the fifteen prior years.”



Jun 18, 2019

“Before Humble Warrior Therapy I was lost. 25 years old, a few months removed from divorce, and feeling so incredibly confused. I had no clue what I wanted to do for my career and anytime I was about to take a leap and do something I loved, anxiety, fear, and self-sabotaging behaviors ensued. Looking back now I can tie it all back to low self-worth, lack mentally, and the story in my mind that I was undeserving of all the abundance in life. That’s all different now. Two years working with Humble Warrior Therapy and I feel like a completely different person, and that completely different person, is my true self. Each day I get to go through my life with joy, follow my dreams, and do so unapologetically as myself. This stuff works. I 100% would not be where I am today without it.”





Live from the space within you that is Light and Love, Wisdom and Truth and basic goodness. Love who you are. And know that you were born enough.


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Rachel Gordon, MA, MED
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