woman in the city

How do you want your life to feel? If you were given the instruments, what song would you play? If your life were a blank canvas, what painting would you create?

I want my life to feel like slow exhalations and gentle symphonies and the glittering gold of summer’s dusk. Like indigo and violet, soft peach and canary yellow and deep mauve.

I want each day to feel like a flowing stream, like water moving effortlessly, with ease, in the Universe’s intended direction.

Does your life feel like that? Does it feel gentle and precious and calm? Filled with serenity and Light and laughter and hope?

Or do you toil under the heaviness of self-loathing, of the ego’s judgment and constant criticism?

Can you break free from the prison your mind has created? From all the fear and shame, the self-limiting beliefs and should’s and can’t’s?

What if your life could feel like

A safe embrace


the sun’s warm kisses on your face


the Awe and Wonder of a child?

What if your life could feel like a bubbling wellspring of Joy that never fades, like endless curiosity, like quiet mornings spent curled up in your favorite spot on the couch? What if your life were rich with contentment and hope, with excitement and adventure? With a peace so deep and still and strong that nothing could ever shake it?

It can.

All you have to do is

Quiet the mind

Drop out of your head

Get into your Heart.

All you have to do is

Go Home.

To your spirit, your soul, to the pure, ceaseless Unconditional Love that you are.

Which is to say that

All you have to do is