What If You Could See Yourself through the Eyes of Love?

Woman with flowers.

What if you could see yourself through the eyes of Love? Of pure radiance, of bliss that shines so bright it blinds you. What if you held yourself in that gaze, rather than that of the mind, of ego, of limitation and negativity and at times, even disgust?

If you could see yourself through the eyes of Love, how would your life change? What would you do differently?

You would pursue every one of your heart’s desires, because Love would encourage you, support you, tell you that you are capable and worthy and brilliant. Love would whisper that there is nothing to fear and that everything in this world was created for you, to gently guide you toward your Highest Self, toward the most whole and full expression of your being.

You would take care of yourself. Love would tell you that you are deserving of pampering and rest, of adoration and exercise and naps and indulgence. Love would let you know how incredibly stunning you are, and how in order to remain on this earth, you must carefully and consistently tend to the body in which you exist. And to the mind through which you perceive.

You would give yourself Grace. You would have freedom to feel whatever you feel, think whatever you think, and know that all of it is valid. You wouldn’t get confused about who you are. You would know that you are the sky, vast and infinite and still, and that all of your moods and ideas and stories in your head are all just weather contained therein. You would allow yourself to feel all of your feelings, and when those feelings hurt – when you struggle with things that are painful or challenging or heavy – Love would soothe and comfort you. She would gather you in her arms, bring you in close to her chest and whisper to the top of your head that “everything’s going to be okay.”

And that “I’m always here with you."

And that “You can do hard things, sweet child.”

If you could see yourself through the eyes of Love, you would realize that every single person on this planet – regardless of how the external wrapping appears – is also Love. You would understand that every being is beautiful, that we all feel pain and get lost and see ourselves – tragically, unfairly – through the eyes of Fear.

Love would tell you to delight in this journey, to experience all of the glory of this lifetime. She would tell you to fill all of your senses until you feel as though you could simply explode with the incredible being of it all. With all of the dancing and the singing and the exploring; with the colors and the vibrations and the art; with nature and solitude and long walks and faith and – most important of all – with connection. Love would tell you to never give up or feel defeated, but rather, to take every experience as Divinely orchestrated and run naked across the sand, into the crashing, roaring ocean of it all.

What if you could see yourself through the eyes of Love? Then you could see what I see when I look at your smile, and I know.

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