Where Do You Find God?

green grass

Which is to say, where do you find bliss? Where is your Truth, the sense of deep peace and inner stillness that lets you feel your gentle exhaling heart?


Do you find it hiking in nature? In the eyes of your pet?


Does it live in your yoga class, on your meditation cushion or in the space between your breath?


Do you find God as the sun sets, melting gold over a tired day’s landscape? Or is Love there when the sun rises, its roundness pregnant with the hope and possibility of a new day?


Perhaps God lives in the changing of the seasons, the slow yet sudden transition from a sleepy winter to a birthing spring?




In the silence of morning, sitting quietly with a warm cup of coffee, listening to the ticking of the clock.


In a song, in music filled with lyrics and melodies that make your heart break


In the smell of the earth and the leaves and the crisp cool air after an early evening’s rain.


In the feeling of being known, being seen, understood.


Wherever God – which is to say Light and Love, Wisdom and Truth, Peace and Stillness and Deep Unending Joy – lives,


go there.


Find those places – those moments or experiences, the tastes or sounds or sensations that bring you Home.


And then spend your days and nights swimming in the ecstasy of it all, bathing in the joy and freedom that is your birthright, buried under the warm blankets of Divine Love.

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