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Rachel Gordon, owner of Humble Warrior Therapy, is a counselor and therapist in Castle Rock offering a variety of mental health services. Her unique and holistic approach taps into your own inner wisdom as she guides you to be your best self. Call to schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation 720.213.5612. If you need immediate help, please dial 911.
Welcome to Humble Warrior Therapy, to our warm and authentic community of support. We are all seeking to be our best selves and live our best lives. You might be on the search for your first counselor. Or, maybe you’ve tried traditional western therapy methods and they weren’t the right fit. Either way, we’re grateful that you’re here on this page and are thinking about embarking on this path.

Rachel’s counseling services include:

Individual Counseling
Group Counseling
Couples Counseling
Meditation Coaching
Yoga Therapy
Anxiety Counseling
Depression Counseling

and … letting it be okay to not be okay

Rachel enjoys Buddhist Psychology and that’s her foundation for her unique style of therapy. Growth, healing, love, and self-awareness are the focus of her counseling practice. Rachel holds to the belief that everyone has an inner peace and joy just waiting to be revealed, reimagined, or rediscovered.

Did you know that you are not your mind? You are not that annoying, punishing, voice in your head. You are not the stories in your head either. You are not your body. You are so much more!

Here’s something else … all of your feelings are important. Not only are they important, they are all wise, they are all necessary, they are all indicators that serve a purpose.

Getting present, finding stillness, surrendering, and yes, falling apart are all pieces of the work that Rachel is ready to support you through. Moving through your pain by feeling it. Learning to live from love instead of fear to find your highest self.

If you are ready to access your inner love, light, peace and joy, Humble Warrior Therapy is ready to help you discover yourself. Contact Rachel today and find the pure, radiant awareness that is within you. She would be honored and humbled to be a part of your journey.
Questions about medications? We recognize that sometimes, a western approach with medicines or a blend of prescription medications can be necessary. We also understand that many people are frustrated with medication side effects and are looking for a different approach. If finding an alternative to depression or anxiety medications is something you are looking for, please let Rachel know during your free 30 minute consultation.

Rachel Gordon, MA, MED is a counselor and therapist in Castle Rock, Colorado. Her office is located in the Colorado Natural Medicine and Acupuncture building on Wilcox near Festival Park. When looking for a counselor near me, you’ll find that she’s close to Lone Tree, Parker, Franktown, Castle Pines, Sedalia, Monument, Highlands Ranch and Larkspur. Rachel also offers virtual appointments for her clients across the U.S.

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