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Rachel Gordon, MA, MED

Buddhist Psychotherapist & Counselor located in Castle Rock, CO

Chronic anxiety isn't normal and can have serious health repercussions. Contact us today for a free consultation, 720.213.5612. Find your true self.

Anxiety Counseling in Castle Rock

At Humble Warrior Therapy, Rachel Gordon provides an integrative approach to healing anxiety issues for her clients. If peace, calm, stillness, and finding your true self again feel far away right now, call us to schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation. Let's find out if we're a good fit for your health journey, 720.213.5612.

Stress and anxiety may have become commonplace in the society around us, but that doesn't mean it's the way we have to live. Our bodies are strong, and smart, but they aren't built to withstand chronic anxiety. In fact, if you suffer from anxiety, you've most likely already noticed a deterioration in your physical and mental health. Some symptoms of anxiety are:

Chronic fatigue

Heart palpitations

Sleep disturbances

Difficulty concentrating

Digestive problems

We understand that even making that first call to us can add to the anxiety. We know that the motivation to make that call can be difficult in the depths of chronic fatigue. We also know that we can help. Anxiety affects every aspect of your life and you deserve better. That is why we offer anxiety counseling at Humble Warrior Therapy.

Some of the types of therapy that Rachel offers are meditation, yoga, and talk therapy. She'll work with you to look into habits, choices, and outside influences that are affecting your inner peace. In addition, she has a variety of tools to help you during the moments when anxiety catches you off guard and tries to hold you hostage.

If you've been suffering from anxiety for awhile, it can be very difficult to break free of the negative thought patterns. Especially when those patterns are supported by lifestyle patterns and relationships around you. A supportive, caring, honest, trained counselor ... someone outside of your usual circles ... can be absolutely life changing.

Rachel would be honored to be that person for you.

If you are not changing, you are choosing to stay the same. Choose anxiety counseling today by booking your free 30 minute consultation. Bravely take that first step, become a warrior, and know that your health is worth it. You are worth it and are worthy of finding peace.

Rachel Gordon, MA, MED is an anxiety specialist located in Castle Rock, Colorado. Her office is conveniently located in the Colorado Natural Medicine and Acupuncture building on Wilcox near Festival Park. She combines traditional therapy methods with Buddhist philosophies to create customized programs for each client.