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Rachel Gordon, MA, MED

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Rachel Gordonowner of Humble Warrior Therapy, a counselor and therapist in Castle Rock offering unique mental health services   Find your inner wisdom as she guides you to be your authentic, best self.  Call to schedule your free 30 minute phone consultation 720.213.5612.  If you need immediate help, please dial 911.

Are you going through a period of depression?  Maybe you’re not sure if it’s depression or if it’s a passing, difficult, season of life.  Maybe you’re positive it’s depression because you know depression well and have struggled for years.

Some symptoms of depression include:



Mood swings

Numbness / Apathy


Oversleeping but not feeling rested

Feeling sluggish

Thoughts of self-harm

We understand that it’s often difficult to reach out for help under the influence of depression.  Apathy, guilt, and the other symptoms listed above can block motivation.  But if you’re on this page, or you are reading this due to your concern for a loved one … you’ve made a brave first step.

There is hope.  There is a beautiful, healthy life for you beyond this current state of depression.  We know it because we see the spark in our clients every day.  And sometimes, it’s more than a spark, it’s an explosion of realization that they are worthy of so much more than they realized. 

At Humble Warrior Therapy, healing from depression isn’t about pushing through and pretending to be happy.  It’s isn’t about covering up symptoms.  Depression counseling here is about being kind to yourself and honoring all of your emotions.  We invite you to become present, to embrace stillness, to quiet the mind chatter, and to tune in to your inner wisdom.  

You have the power to heal. It’s within you.  Rachel is here and ready to be your guide as you navigate and build new neural pathways.  Strengthening and healing your mind, body, and soul … together.  

We understand that making that first call or connection can be difficult.  We also know that we can help.  Contact Rachel at Humble Warrior Therapy today.  Reaching out to make that call is one small step to building a new future with limitless possibilities. 

Rachel Gordon, MA, MED is a depression specialist located in the heart of Castle Rock, Colorado. Her office is centrally located in the Colorado Natural Medicine and Acupuncture building on Wilcox near Festival Park.  She combines traditional therapy methods (such as meditation, yoga, and talk therapy) with Buddhist philosophies to create a customized program for each of her clients.