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Rachel Gordon, MA, MED

Buddhist Psychotherapist & Counselor located in Castle Rock, CO

Therapist in Castle Rock

Rachel Gordon, owner of Humble Warrior Therapy, is a therapist in Castle Rock offering unique mental health services   Find your inner wisdom as she guides you to be your authentic, best self.  Call to schedule your free 30 minute phone consultation 720.213.5612.  If you need immediate help, please dial 911.

At Humble Warrior Therapy, we’re here to tell you that you were born perfectly.  That’s right.  You. are. perfect.  All that you are seeking is within you.  You are not that grating, annoying, judgmental voice in your head.  You are not your body.  You are light, you are love, you are joy.  

If you’re ready to break free of your current thought patterns and become you best self.  Rachel is ready, and would be proud, to be your guide.  Let’s rediscover what defines you.

As a therapist, Rachel offers the following services:

Meditation Coaching

Yoga Therapy

Group Counseling

Individual Counseling

Couples Counseling 

Rachel is also a specialist in:

Anxiety Counseling

Depression Counseling

Traveling to over 35 countries, Rachel had the opportunity to explore a cornucopia of cultures and methodologies. Her travel taught her that there are a lot of ways to do life but she fell in love with the Buddhist Psychology approach which is the foundation for her unique style of therapy. 

Growth, healing, love, and self-awareness are the focus of her counseling practice.  Rachel holds to the belief that everyone has an inner peace and joy just waiting to be revealed, reimagined, or rediscovered.   

You may be held back by your inner voice, and it’s that voice and those thoughts that have a huge impact on the reality you experience each day.  Working with Rachel means taking the time to value and respect all emotions.  Happy doesn’t take a higher value than sad, or angry.  Buddhist psychology takes a different approach in that all emotions are feelings, they come and go, and they are impermanent.

We are often told that we should live in the moment.  But our minds aren’t naturally geared that way are they?  At Humble Warrior Therapy, Rachel can be your guide as you take a step back from whirling thoughts and feelings.  She can help you to find, and listen to, the wisdom you already hold within.  

If you’ve been curious about taking more of a holistic, integrative approach to your counseling sessions, contact Rachel today for your free 30 minute consultation.  If you are new to therapy, Rachel offers a unique approach that is easy and natural.  She often integrates yoga and outdoor walks into her sessions to help put clients at ease and help them connect.

Rachel Gordon, MA, MED is a therapist and counselor located in Castle Rock, Colorado.  You’ll find her in the Colorado Natural Medicine and Acupuncture building on Wilcox near Festival Park.  If you are searching for a counselor near me, Humble Warrior Therapy is close to Highlands Ranch, Larkspur, Monument, Lone Tree, Parker, Franktown, Castle Pines and Sedalia.  Rachel also offers virtual appointments for many of her clients across the U.S.