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The philosophies and practices offered by Buddhist psychology and yoga have truly changed my life, helping me heal my mind, body and spirit and filling my life with incredible joy and happiness.

Through all of life’s ups and downs, I have found so much comfort in these ideas and techniques, and time and time again, Buddhist psychology has been my anchor and my saving grace. It is a radical shift in perspective from the way we lives our lives in Western society, and an extremely wise and compassionate framework through which to grow into our Highest Selves.

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Buddhist psychology is an integrative, holistic approach to mental health and wellness that emphasizes the belief that suffering stems from the mind.

Combining Buddhist philosophy, including techniques such as mindfulness, yoga and meditation, with traditional counseling (“talk therapy”), I help clients learn how to quiet the mind, become present in their lives and awaken to the deep sense of inner peace, calm and stillness inherent in, and always available to, each and every one of us.

The core concepts of Buddhist Psychotherapy are:

  • Present moment awareness.

  • Feeling our feelings – in our bodies, not our minds.

  • An attitude of acceptance – saying “yes” to life, learning how to flow with, not against, the currents of our lives.

  • Understanding who you really are – you are the Light within, not the asshole who lives in your head.

  • Understanding the nature of the mind/ego, learning how to lean in to fear and go to the places that scare you.

  • Principles of loving-kindness, compassion, impermanence and non-attachment.

  • Cultivating a compassionate and loving relationship with your self.

  • Techniques of mindfulness, meditation and yoga.

  • Learning how to show up for your life – the good, the bad and the ugly – with courage, vulnerability and whole-heartedness.

  • Reframing the dichotomous spectrum of feelings/pathology of life – letting it be okay to not be okay.

  • Pain vs. suffering – learning how to break the cycle of distress.

  • Getting comfortable with change and uncertainty, and accepting the nature of impermanence.

  • Learning that happiness lies inside of us, and how to stop seeking peace and joy in external things.  


Humble Warrior Pose:

Bhada Virabhadrasana

In yoga, the humble warrior pose represents the strength that lies in acceptance and surrender.

This pose represents the essence of Buddhist psychotherapy: when we feel secure and stable in who we are and in what keeps us centered and grounded, we have come to know our own light and our own love.

We surrender to ourselves, however we may be in that moment, trusting that we provide our selves with a solid foundation upon which to stand.


I’m definitely not your standard psychotherapist.

I prefer to wear yoga pants over pretty much anything else in my closet, and most of the time, you’ll find me sitting in some contorted cross-legged position.

It’s important to me that you look forward to coming to therapy, and that you feel perfectly relaxed and safe.

When the sun is shining, I love taking clients outside to sit and chat in the park behind my office or to go on a “walk-and-talk”, and truly practice what I preach in terms of offering holistic, mind-body therapy.

More than anything, I like to keep it real.

Sessions include a lot of learning and, more often than not, a lot of laughter.

I believe strongly in the power of Love and Light to heal and I strive to create a therapeutic environment that is rich in both “work” and “play”.

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A Little More About Me:



things I love

  • Dancing

  • Thai food

  • Aha moments

  • All things nature

  • Indigo Girls

fun facts

  • I started doing yoga when I was 16 years old and haven’t stopped since ☺

  • I spent a summer living in a small village in rural Kenya

  • I was a vegetarian from age 3 to 33

  • Prior to becoming a therapist, I worked at a Palestinian-Israeli peace building NGO in the Middle East


my odd obsession with the number 4

  • I speak 4 languages

  • I’ve lived on 4 continents

  • I’m currently working on my 4th degree

how I quiet my mind

  • Yoga!

  • Meditation

  • Bubble baths

  • Snow-boarding

  • Hiking

  • Painting

educational stats

  • University of Pennsylvania, B.A.

  • Harvard University, M.Ed.

  • University of Denver, M.A.

  • (University of Colorado, PhD in process)


places I’ve lived

  • Denver

  • Boston

  • Philadelphia

  • Maine

  • Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Cambridge, MA

  • Washington, DC

  • Kenya

  • Brussels, Belgium

guilty pleasures aka vices

  • Sour gummies

  • Reality TV shows

  • Caffeine

counseling qualifications

  • Registered Psychotherapist

  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) Candidate

  • A human who is deeply interested in, and passionate about, living a brilliantly joyful life


And I’m obsessed with my dog Mowgli

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Ready to start working with me?

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