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Peace Lives Within

The Buddha said “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.”

May 2nd, 2019
Where Do You Find God?

Where is your Truth, the sense of deep peace and inner stillness that lets you feel your gentle exhaling heart?

Apr 24th, 2019

How do you want your life to feel?

Mar 15th, 2019

What do you need to be happy? I mean really need? Where does your happiness live?

Mar 11th, 2019
Therapy Session

Hello, sweet child. Have a seat. Tell me about your fears. Your anxiety.

Mar 10th, 2019
What Anxiety Does to the Body

Humble Warrior Therapy is a holistic, integrative approach to mental health, emphasizing the inextricable link between mind and body.

Dec 12th, 2018
Letter to A Newborn

Hello! Welcome to this world. You are a ray of sunshine transmitted into a human body. With a human mind and human thoughts and human feelings.

Dec 5th, 2018
Anxiety Tips and Treatment

Anxiety has become the most prevalent psychological disorder in the U.S., affecting about 40 million adults annually (about 20% of the population!).

Dec 1st, 2018
Stress & The Power of Perception

Various theories on stress and the stress response exist. From a psychological perspective, stress is directly related to perception (good news for those in Buddhist psychotherapy!).

Nov 30th, 2018
What Is Holistic Psychotherapy?

The dictionary defines holistic as “characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole”.

Nov 20th, 2018
Anxiety, Fear & Buddhism

So many of us live our lives in fear. We’re afraid of failure, of being vulnerable (and risking rejection), afraid of not fitting in, of messing up, of letting ourselves and others down.

Nov 18th, 2018
The Secrets I Know…

As a therapist, I have the honor of becoming someone’s “secret holder”. I get to peek into other people’s minds and hearts and I am always so humbled by this offering.

Nov 14th, 2018
Anger Management 101

One of the most uncomfortable emotions for so many of us is anger. According to Buddhist Psychologist Tara Brach, anger can be viewed as a “wise discriminator“.

Nov 10th, 2018